Author Topic: Mom is in the Solana Altzheimer Unit in Marietta OH  (Read 1337 times)

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Mom is in the Solana Altzheimer Unit in Marietta OH
« on: July 26, 2013, 01:42:49 PM »
My Mom is 91 and in the Solana Altzheimer's Unit at Marietta Rehab Nursing Home in Marietta OH.  I moved her from an assisted living at the Pines at Glenwood in Marietta OH after 4 years.  It was a difficult move for both my Mom and I since the Pines was a wonderful facility where she had her own apartment and great food.  The staff was wonderful and so were the residents.

Unfortunately my Mom used a wheelchair most of the time and finally was unable to care for herself or get in and out of bed by herself.  The Pines helped my Mom for a long time, but it was finally time to move her.  She has had mental issues for a long time, but now she can't remember what day it is, the time of day or even if she has eaten.  Fortunately, she still recognizes me. 

The staff at Solana is great even though it is still a nursing home.  They are much more attentive than in other nursing homes my Mother had been in, in the past.

I will post some updates in the future.  I post this information for other families to know they are not alone.