Top Ways Supportive Living Facilities Benefit Seniors

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Once your loved one begins to need assistance with daily tasks, you’ll want to consider supportive living facilities. These organizations are not like your typical nursing homes, and they provide considerable benefits to seniors, as well as peace of mind for loving family members.

A Level of Independence

These arrangements are designed to allow the seniors to have as much independence as possible. Many of them have private and semi-private guest rooms. Seniors are encouraged to furnish their rooms with things from their own homes, and it is common for pets to be welcomed as well. Not only will the elderly feel more at home, but they won’t get a sense that all of their freedoms are being taken away.

Less of a Financial Burden

Most of the supportive living facilities accept insurance, Medicaid, or Medicaid waivers. This makes the facility affordable. Included in that cost are daily meals, housekeeping services, exercise programs, medical assistance, and even social activities. Basically, seniors get everything they need for one monthly price. In fact, many places also provide transportation, and there is 24-hour security no matter which place you choose for your loved one. Compare that to a one-bedroom apartment in your hometown with all the separate expenses and you’ll quickly see just how affordable assisted living is.

Opportunities to Socialize

With a host of other seniors dwelling in the same building, it is easy for the elderly to make friends and start stimulating conversations. The supportive living facilities encourage socialization by providing daily opportunities for folks to gather together. There may be a special craft one day, a computer lesson the next, and an exercise class multiple times per week. Day trips to museums, an afternoon at the movies, and time shopping the local stores are also common.

Help When You Need It

Since staff are available 24-hours per day, seniors will always have someone on-hand to help when needed. Whether you’d like a nurse to remind you to take your medications, or you prefer to have your laundry cleaned on-site, your needs will be taken care of. A few facilities even offer assisted living for dementia patients that are not bed ridden. If you have a concern as to how much or how little help is provided, make sure you inquire about it before moving your loved one in.

Visits From Friends and Family

Each of the supportive living facilities encourages friends and family members to visit as often as possible. Visitors are even welcome to take their loved one out for lunch, or to a birthday party. An in-room phone means you can call and check up on your family member anytime you want. If your beloved senior enjoys getting emails, you can even type them a message. Almost all of the facilities are equipped with computers for their residents.

Take the time to tour your local supportive living facilities to see which one would best benefit your loved one. You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised at all that is offered, and just how well your family member will be taken care of.

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