Common Skilled Nursing Facility Myths Debunked

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Extended care homes have a reputation for being a place no one wants to end up. That is because a skilled nursing facility here and there has had a few problems. There are several myths that have been debunked over the years, making these homes more highly regarded.

Myth #1: They Are Poorly Run

Like all businesses, some are not well managed. However, the majority are very well run, with adequate staff who continually undergo training. These accommodations are clean and well maintained. Despite who owns the home, state inspectors come in periodically, often unannounced, to ensure that the patients are being taken care of appropriately.

Myth #2: No Privacy

Many believe that once they get to a skilled nursing facility all their privacy is gone. In truth, you can opt for a private room as long as you are willing to pay more. Most people do have roommates because it keeps costs down. However, your personal belongings are considered yours and the staff will not go through them unless you instruct them to do so.

Myth #3: These Places Are for People Whose Families Don’t Care

While many residents feel lonely and long to see their families, they are not there because their families don’t care. In fact, many of them are there because their loved ones care a great deal. These accommodations are for people who need more help and can no longer live alone. Most of the time, their families cannot care for them the way they need to be cared for. In order to make sure that they are getting the best treatment possible, they are placed in a skilled nursing facility.

Myth #4: Once I’m There, I’ll Never Leave

Yes, most residents that come to live in one of these homes are there until they pass away. However, that is not always the case. In the event of a serious illness or injury you may need extended care that you cannot get at home, but don’t necessarily need to stay at a hospital. These accommodations can give you the medical care you need while making you just a little more comfortable. When you are well enough to be on your own again, you can check out of the center and return home. There is no life-long commitment requiring you to stay.

Myth #5: Everyone Who Lives There Is Dying

It might seem like residents are all dying. This simply isn’t the case. These centers are there to help those who need medical assistance throughout the day and night. The residents do not have to be terminal in order to be admitted, nor do they have to stay until the end of their lives. Many people live long happy lives and are able to be around their peers and take part in activities.

Myth #6: Insurance Will Pay

While this is not a disparaging myth against skilled nursing facilities, it is a misconception that some people have. Unless you are going to be a short-term patient staying less than two months, insurance will not cover your entire stay. In fact, most private insurance companies won’t cover more than a few weeks. After that time, you are going to be responsible for paying the bill yourself.

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